What is cleanliness in simple words?

Cleanliness means that there is no earth, no residue, no stains, no awful stenches. The objectives of neatness are wellbeing, excellence, no hostile scent and to maintain a strategic distance from the spreading of earth and pollutants to oneself as well as other people.
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We are sharing here probably the best tips to teach kids about cleanliness.
1.Focus on quality. ...
2.Create a day by day schedule. ...
3.Set explicit spaces for kid's things. ...
4.Remain open to gaining from your youngsters. ...
5.Help them make a spotless world. ...
6.Involve them in some cleaning works out. ...
7.Question children on cleanliness.
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Personal cleanliness.
1.Washing the body frequently. ...
2.If this occurs, a dip or a wash everywhere on the body with a wet wipe or material will do. ...
3.Cleaning the teeth in any event once every day. ...
4.Washing the hair with cleanser or cleanser in any event once per week. ...
5.Washing hands with cleanser in the wake of going to the latrine. ...
6.Washing hands with cleanser prior to getting ready or potentially eating food. ...
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How you can help:
1.Pay regard for the sort of food you purchase. ...
2.Use proper portion sizes. ...
3.Eat meals and snacks together as a family. ...
4.Give your youngsters a lot of water and milk to drink. ...
5.Monitor your kids' exercises. ...
6.Make actual work part of your family's daily schedule. ...
7.Teach your youngsters solid oral wellbeing propensities. ...
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Here is a rundown of some essential house errands that kids can assist you with:
1.Setting shoe stand. This one is quite straightforward. ...
2.Grocery shopping. Kids can help you while for shopping for food. ...
3.Tidy-Up their room. ...
4.Clean table after dinner. ...
5.Setting book stand. ...
6.Fold clothing. ...
7.Organize their toys. ...

A Doable Weekly Cleaning Schedule For Busy Moms (With Printable!)

Our weekly cleaning schedule will help you stay on top of the most important areas to clean each week so you can relax and enjoy your family.

The post A Doable Weekly Cleaning Schedule For Busy Moms (With Printable!) appeared first on A Mother Far from Home.

Our weekly cleaning schedule will help you stay on top of the most important areas to clean each week so you can relax and enjoy your family.

The post A Doable Weekly Cleaning Schedule For Busy Moms (With Printable!) appeared first on A Mother Far from Home.

Our weekly cleaning schedule will help you stay on top of the most important areas to clean each week so you can relax and enjoy your family.

Life is something like, what I like to call, choose your own adventure.

Depending on your likes, dislikes, choices, and the choices of others that affect us, we end up with completely unique creative lives.

And this plays out very specifically in our homes. Some people are the type who wait until it’s messy then call all their little ones into the kitchen and divide up duties.

Others create some type of monthly or weekly cleaning schedule and they follow it. This means the house never really has a chance to get messy.

Mom and boy are happy because of a weekly cleaning schedule.

My household goals:

  • Clean, but welcoming
  • Tidy, but useful
  • Fells like peace & joy, not chaos & confusion
  • Not so full of “stuff” that I don’t have time for the people

How to create your weekly cleaning schedule

The key to creating your weekly cleaning schedule truly depends on your unique situation…

First, take a look at your end goal. Do you want the house cleaned each week, or do you prefer cleaning on a monthly cleaning rotation?

I have had to learn not to stand up to anyone standards but my own. In the past, I have heaped unneeded stress upon myself by falling into the comparison trap.

Remember… it’s only a problem if its a problem for you.

  • The benefit to a weekly cleaning schedule- A weekly cleaning schedule, when action is taken every day can offer a sensible organizational pattern that is easy to follow and keep up with. (See Option #1 below…)
  • The benefit of a monthly cleaning rotation– If you choose to look at the month as a whole, areas can be chosen to be thoroughly deep cleaned, and other areas may be left for just a tidy-up. (See Option #2 below…)

But first, create a cleaning routine

Creating a cleaning schedule is all about routine and accountability. It’s the part of a the day that places “peace of mind” back on the table and allows for structure within a room.

The only way to accomplish a good cleaning routine is to make it a part of your every day habits.

If your children are old enough, I definitely agree with letting them become part of this daily habit. You’ll be surprised how much help they can be with a good cleaning routine!

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Examples of when to clean (and make it a daily habit)

  • Toys and books can be cleaned up directly after they are done using them (before leaving the room or going on to the next activity).
  • After snack time, make it a routine to clean the floors in the dinning room or kitchen.
  • Do your kids nap or have “quiet time’? Part of your daily cleaning routine can be a room pick up before they lay down.
  • Is it a free for all on Saturday mornings? Have the time before play be a scheduled time to make sure all laundry is clean and put away.
  • Clean the toilets, sink, and floor while your little one is in the tub, or directly after he/she gets out.
  • Before bed, do a walk through to make sure the living room and dinning rooms are organized and all items from that day are put away.

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Get our Room By Room Chore Checklists (with cleaning caddy lists for kids)

Option 1 – Daily Cleaning Tasks

If you plan to choose Option # 1 (A weekly Cleaning Schedule), you’re probably looking for taking action every day and making sense of how to organize the cleaning of your house.

Although there will undoubtably be times of “deep cleaning”, a weekly schedule touches every room- every week.

To start, pick a day for each chore that needs to be done. Then, plan on being consistent each week with your routine.

Getting the whole house cleaned weekly can look like a number of things. Here is an example:

  • Monday- Floors
  • Tuesday- Bathrooms
  • Wednesday- Kitchen
  • Thursday- Porches & Yard
  • Friday- Bedrooms
  • Saturday– Laundry & Extras

There are things that are going to have to be cleaned every day, such as countertops and dishes. However, maintaining a weekly cleaning schedule has proven to be useful when it comes to establishing a clean home.

A weekly cleaning schedule really works!

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Option 2 – Weekly Cleaning Tasks

If you prefer thinking about a monthly cleaning rotation, you’re looking at cleaning less each day. But, you’re putting the “below the surface” chores on your list. Your rotation will be a 4 week schedule.

While this may seem appealing, I have to be honest… it’s much harder to maintain and without weekly stability, children (and adults alike) take longer to catch on to the routine.

One thing that can be done is to take the “below the surface chores” and add one a week to your weekly cleaning list.

Here’s an example of what this may look like:

  • First Week: Focus on floors, baseboards, and walls. This includes mopping, vacuuming, dusting and polishing.
  • Second Week: Focus on kitchen. This includes cabinets, refrigerator, oven, and other deep clean situations.
  • Third Week: Focus on deep cleaning bathrooms and organization of closets.
  • Fourth Week: Focus on the bedrooms and garage/outside areas. This includes closets, under the beds, pressure washing, dusting, and mopping if needed.

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General cleaning rules of thumb for families

As a busy mom, you want to get it all done. Having a weekly cleaning schedule is a big help! Check out these useful tips for some more encouragement!

You’ve got this momma!

  • Don’t fall into a comparison trap. Instead, find what works for you and stick with it.
  • Have a schedule handy that clearly lays out your daily chores.
  • Set aside a little time each day, don’t go overboard. You still need to enjoy those kiddos!
  • Spend some time purging those extra belongings. This is especially helpful after a birthday or Christmas.
  • Get the kid’s involved…. you don’t have to do it alone. They live there too!
  • Stay on top of your schedule and try to have fun while doing it. The kid’s will pick up on your enjoyment.


The post A Doable Weekly Cleaning Schedule For Busy Moms (With Printable!) appeared first on A Mother Far from Home.

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