What is cleanliness in simple words?

Cleanliness means that there is no earth, no residue, no stains, no awful stenches. The objectives of neatness are wellbeing, excellence, no hostile scent and to maintain a strategic distance from the spreading of earth and pollutants to oneself as well as other people.
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We are sharing here probably the best tips to teach kids about cleanliness.
1.Focus on quality. ...
2.Create a day by day schedule. ...
3.Set explicit spaces for kid's things. ...
4.Remain open to gaining from your youngsters. ...
5.Help them make a spotless world. ...
6.Involve them in some cleaning works out. ...
7.Question children on cleanliness.
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Personal cleanliness.
1.Washing the body frequently. ...
2.If this occurs, a dip or a wash everywhere on the body with a wet wipe or material will do. ...
3.Cleaning the teeth in any event once every day. ...
4.Washing the hair with cleanser or cleanser in any event once per week. ...
5.Washing hands with cleanser in the wake of going to the latrine. ...
6.Washing hands with cleanser prior to getting ready or potentially eating food. ...
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How you can help:
1.Pay regard for the sort of food you purchase. ...
2.Use proper portion sizes. ...
3.Eat meals and snacks together as a family. ...
4.Give your youngsters a lot of water and milk to drink. ...
5.Monitor your kids' exercises. ...
6.Make actual work part of your family's daily schedule. ...
7.Teach your youngsters solid oral wellbeing propensities. ...
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Here is a rundown of some essential house errands that kids can assist you with:
1.Setting shoe stand. This one is quite straightforward. ...
2.Grocery shopping. Kids can help you while for shopping for food. ...
3.Tidy-Up their room. ...
4.Clean table after dinner. ...
5.Setting book stand. ...
6.Fold clothing. ...
7.Organize their toys. ...

Simple Self-Care Routines Moms Can Do Daily

Moms so easily forget themselves, and it leads to anxiety, depression, and stress. Self care for moms is tough, these routines help.

The post Simple Self-Care Routines Moms Can Do Daily appeared first on A Mother Far from Home.

Moms so easily forget themselves, and it leads to anxiety, depression, and stress. Self care for moms is tough, these routines help.

The post Simple Self-Care Routines Moms Can Do Daily appeared first on A Mother Far from Home.

Moms so easily forget themselves, and it leads to anxiety, depression, and stress. Self care for moms is tough, these routines help.

It wasn’t until I got cancer and was forced to rest that I realized something startling… since becoming a mom I had totally abandoned taking care of myself.

Like… the idea that I could do a lot of simple things throughout the day that made life feel peaceful and lovely, it just wouldn’t have entered my head.

Once I had time to take a good long cold hard look at my life, I knew some things had to give.

I loved my kids to the moon and back and would do anything for them, but they didn’t need me to run myself into the ground for them.



mom drinking tea as a self care routine

Hygiene Self-Care Habits That Make You Feel Good

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference in how we feel… like having silky feet or a pretty manicure.

I want to encourage you to make the self-care habits you love part of your day.

  • Adopt a Face Skin Care Regimen– For the longest time, I never knew there was such a thing. Now, I have an 8 step process to washing my face. Honestly… it’s because it feels good to spend time on myself.
  • Nail Day– For a busy mom, taking the time off to treat yourself to a nail day at the spa can boost your mood and self esteem. If you don’t want to go out for nails, try looking into ordering something cute from Nail Street or another direct sales friend. Why not?
  • Relaxing Foot Soak – There’s something magical about rejuvenating those tired toes! You may enjoy adding some essential salts or detoxing salt soak.
  • Sit in the Sun- Don’t go crazy… I’m not talking about turning into a prune or getting roasted. Vitamin D is essential to allowing the nutrients in your body work correctly to maintain your bones, muscles, and teeth. It feels good to take a few moments each day and soak up some rays!
Mom sitting my pool practicing self care for mom.

More feel good habits…

  • Take a Long Shower/Bath- Steam it up, take your time shaving, and condition your hair twice. When it’s your time to feel good, take it. You deserve it!
  • Start a Vitamin Regimen- It’s very difficult to get all the daily nutrients suggested from food alone. Try starting a supplement or vital regimen to fill in the gaps.
  • Fix Your Hair- After I had my first child, I went almost a year before realizing that my hair was a disaster. Now, most days I allow myself the time to do a little something. It allows me to feel “put together.”
  • Get a Back & Neck Massage- Now, I’m not talking about going to the spa (although that’s a wonderful idea!) Have you tried the Naipo Massager?
Want to reboot your Family Routines? Check out our Family Routines Reboot (a 3 day challenge!)

Rituals You Can Add Into Your Day

There’s only so much time in the day. Finding the ritual to add to your day that takes care of you is so important.

You’ll see stress melt away and gain some of your identity back.

  • Embrace Your Creative Side- Has it been a while since you’ve gotten that crocket, paining, sketching, or musical instrument out? Or… maybe you’ve always wanted to try something creative. It’s very fulfilling to add that creative element into your daily routine. Here are some simple hobbies.
  • Pray or Meditate- One of my favorite ways to start my day is with prayer. When I am constant in adding this to my day, the day seems to go so much smoother.
  • Read a Good Book– I know it’s hard to imagine, but if you try… you can squeeze 15-20 minutes a day to enjoy a good read. Need some accountability? Join an online or local book club. I recommend Book of the Month Club or Literati.
  • Allow Yourself to Breathe- Media, family obligations, cleaning, corralling children… all seem to weigh heavy. Try setting a time aside each day to focus on deep and meaningful breathing. This is a great anti-stress tip.
  • Write in a Journal- Write it down, pour out your heart, and leave it on the pages. My mom used to tell me: “Don’t just write the big things. Write all the little in-between things.”
  • Listen to an Enjoyable Podcast- It is super easy to tune into a podcast. And, you can find one about literally anything. It’s a great way to “escape” into a story or learn about something interesting.
mom reading a book for self care

More rituals to add to your day…

  • Become an Academic- Go after that skill or information that you always wanted to gain. Maybe it’s learning a new language or taking some online college courses. Whatever it is, adding a ritual of learning to your day can be very rewarding.
  • Laugh- Laughter is medicine to the soul. Find something that makes you laugh and write that in your daily schedule. You’ll be surprised how much it will affect your mood.
  • Get Moving- Go for a daily walk or run. If you really enjoy being active, take the leap and join a gym or local fitness group. If you don’t have the availability to go out, there are so many virtual options. I recommend Beach Body or obe Fitness.
  • Practice Gratitude- The science is out! Making a real effort to practice daily gratitude is a sure way to boost mood and practice self care for moms. Simple, but very effective! Just verbally say and act in a way of thankfulness.
  • Make Your Coffee or Hot Tea Just the Way You Like it- I love to take the time to sit down with a perfectly made cup of coffee. It makes me feel like I am taking care of myself. If you enjoy hot tea, take the time to treat yourself in this way. It’s easy and can be done every day.

Simple Things You Can Do To Make Life Feel More Peaceful & Cozy

Your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, it should feel peaceful and cozy to you.

Check out the list below for some great ideas on how you can achieve this…

  • Cuddle with a Nice Soft Blanket– Relax and cozy up! Sometimes lying on my bed with a soft blanket helps me “reset” when I’m feeling out of control.
  • Declutter Your Living Areas– Use cute baskets to store living room items out of the way or organize by getting rid of unused items. Also, decluttering a space can be a real stress reliever!
  • Light Candles or Use an Oil Diffuser– Add some aromatherapy to your home for a quick and easy way to make any room feel more peaceful and cozy.
  • Add Life to Your Space– Spruce up your room with some potted plants or maybe a fish aquarium. Adding life can increase the feeling of peacefulness into a room.
Self care for moms can be making your home feel more alive with plants.

More cozy & peaceful ideas…

  • Lighting- I have found that certain lights feel better in different rooms for me. In the kitchen, I want a bright white light for visibility. On contrary, the study and living room feel more cozy with some softer lamps.
  • Go Through your Clothes- Out with the old, in with the new. For me, I feel more peaceful when my closet is orderly and I don’t have to worry about what fits and what doesn’t. Sometimes self care for moms means getting rid of some things.
  • Establish a Weekly Cleaning Routine- Nothing feels more chaotic than knowing that you’re weeks late on cleaning. Get a good cleaning plan and stick with it. Without a doubt, this will help you feel peaceful.
  • Use Music- One year for my birthday I asked my husband for a record player. Why? Simply because I like the way the music sounds when played on it. I recommend playing classical, easy listening, or worship music to make you feel peaceful and cozy in your home.

How To Protect Your Self-Care Habits With Boundaries

We talk about this at great length in our Family Routines Reboot because it’s important.

What’s the point of trying to create your mom self-care habits if your kids ignore it all and you abandon your self-care routing at the first sign of stress?

Let’s help you learn to draw strength during your times of intentional self-care. The following tips are tried and true ways to help protect your habits with boundaries:

  • Believe Within Yourself that You Deserve it- Motivation is truly key when it comes to mom self care. It’s nature to sacrifice all things personal to take care of our children. Believe that you are worth taking some time and go for it!
  • Make Smart Time Choices- Plan your mom self care routine during a time that can be feasible every day. Maybe it’s nap time or first thing in the morning. Be realistic when it comes to when you can achieve your goals.
  • Put the Mom Guilt Down- Honestly, this one takes some time. Just know that it’s “ok” to feel the tinge of guilt.. but just see it as love and practice enjoying some time spent on yourself.
  • Set Clear and Realistic Rules- Your kids are not in charge of your time. YOU are in charge of them…and your time. Do they know that? Set clear rules for your kids to adhere to when you’re in your space. I recommend setting a timer or having a visual cue like the door half shut. My children know that when they hear music playing in my study, mommy is having “quiet time” and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Consistency is key…

  • Always Followthrough with those Rules- Rules are not rules until there is followthrough. If you continually allow your children to interfere with your personal “time,” they will not learn its value to you. I recommend having some set activities for older kids and taking quiet time when the younger ones are asleep.
  • Explain– Children love when their mommies are happy. Use this as a teaching moment. Explain to your kids that all humans benefit from quality alone/resting time and mommy is simply taking care of herself the way she loves to take care of you.
  • Lead by Example- Be consistent with your routine, be honest with your needs, and be realistic with time and resources. You and your kids will benefit from having this balance in your day.

Want some more guidance?

Want to tighten up your Family Routines?

And on that note, did you know that self-care IS INCLUDED in the overall family routines? Well, mama, it is! Check out our Family Routines Reboot.


The post Simple Self-Care Routines Moms Can Do Daily appeared first on A Mother Far from Home.

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