About Us


We founded Izzy & Ferd because we believe in the power of clothes to tell stories. Stories about who we are and who we want to be. It is our mission to inspire kids to go out and explore the world. Through our textile design, our kidswear collections become portals to real and imagined worlds. Each season we embark on a new journey.

In fact, a famous voyage inspired the name. We named Izzy & Ferd (I.F.) after Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain. Sponsoring the first voyages to the New World, their intrepid explorers asked “What I.F.?” and found the Americas.

Our designs spur your little explorer to ask “What I.F.?” What if I played the piano and you heard the jumping of a kangaroo, the gliding of a swan, or the roaring of a lion? What if my notes took you deep into the shimmering water of an aquarium, so deep that you felt like you'd always lived there?

Some day, when they strike out on their own, our children will wonder what they are capable of. And then they will remember our stories.




We design clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. The last thing your little explorer needs to worry about is tripping over his pant legs.

Adventuring and exploring can sometimes be a dirty business. That’s why our clothes are 100% machine washable. When the inevitable happens, just toss our clothes in the wash.




Our clothes are proudly designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, USA.  We believe in supporting the community where we live, work, and play. We know our suppliers on a first name basis and take care to be involved in the entire design and production process. We're proud of our clothes, how they're made, and the people who make them.




Joe Pulido has a deep and abiding love for great storytelling. He majored in English Literature at UCLA, where he met his wife Cindy. He believes that while ideas are powerful, stories give them the wings to fly.

Cindy Pulido’s love affair with clothing began before she was even born. Her grandfather was a master tailor in Vietnam, through fate or destiny, transferred this love to her. Marry this passion with her love of books and you have Izzy & Ferd.

Joseph Pulido is just beginning to write his own narrative. He is an inquisitive kid, and much to his parents' chagrin, loves to state opinions as if they were fact.

Julia Pulido is a spitfire and love bug all rolled into one. She is curious about the world and the people who inhabit it. She befriends random strangers and little creatures that cross her path.

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