Let the Stars Navigate Your Way

Posted: Feb 27 2017

Izzy and Ferd, Constellation SS17


Legend has it that Pecos Bill now lives on the moon with his wife Slue Foot Sue and their children.


As you look towards the night sky in search of Pecos Bill, note that you’ll never be lost with the stars mapping your way.


For millennia, explorers have used the stars as a compass. Now you can too! Use these constellations as a marker for North, South, East, and West.


  1. North Star: Search out the North Star. The North Star is always one degree of true north. Look at the Big Dipper’s ladle and pretend that you’re pouring hot chocolate from it. The flow of the hot chocolate will lead you straight to the North Star. If you stumble upon a constellation that looks like the letter “W”, back track. That is Cassiopeia. The North Star is between Cassiopeia and the Big Dipper.
  2. Fly Me To the Moon:  If there is a crescent moon, draw an imaginary line from between its tips and follow it to the horizon to find south. The point of Orion’s sword will also direct you south.
  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Stars move east to west. Tracing how stars travel across the sky will tell you which way you’re facing. Look to Orion’s belt. The star on the belt’s right side rises to the east and sets to the west.
Want practice locating the constellations? We suggest downloading the Sky Map app on your handheld device. Use your handheld device to locate stars, planets, and nebulaes.  


Now that you’ve got a personal road map, pursue adventures larger than life!


Izzy and Ferd, SS17 - Constellation

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