How We Adventure: On the Ranch

Posted: Mar 20 2017

This season, we designed a collection based on the story of Pecos Bill, the greatest cowboy that ever lived.  To honor the collection and to provide a backdrop where your little ones might embark on their own adventure, we organized a trip back to the Wild West. 

No, we didn't invent a time machine (let's leave that for another day), but we did manage to find an old living museum dedicated to the preservation of California ranch life in the late 1800s. With a group of friends, we headed out to the Leonis Adobe Museum to try our hands at being cowhands.

Izzy and Ferd, SS17 Pecos Bill Collection

We soon learned that there was more to ranching than riding horses and herding cattle. Taking care of animals and feeding baby lambs? Sign us up! Bathing once a week? We might have a problem with that... 

Izzy and Ferd, SS17 Pecos Bill Collection

Pump water manually for cooking, cleaning, and other miscellaneous activities? Our arms are tired just doing the demo! Manually scrubbing and wringing out the laundry? Did we mention that our arms are tired? This is where we should clarify that the "we" referenced in the above statements refer to the adults in the group. Our little friends under 8 seemed better suited for ranch life. 

Izzy and Ferd, SS17 Pecos Bill Collection

Like true cowboys, the little ones demonstrated their prowess lassoing longhorns using a bale of hay. They would have provided a real life demonstration with the longhorns fenced in the back, but who wants to show off? Pecos Bill wrote that story. These youngsters have a different one to write. Where one adventure leaves off, another adventure begins.

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