How to Tie a Lasso

Posted: Apr 06 2017

Did you know that cowboys used lassos to catch cattle? The best lassos are made out of raw cow hide (no, the irony is not lost on us). Although your little one might not be ready for the real deal,  a simple version made at home can help to complete any cowboy or cowgirl adventure (supervised of course).


One 10-20 ft. rope (any rope with some stiffness should work).

Step 1: Tie a loose overhand knot on the tail end of the rope. To make one, create a loop in your rope, then pass one end of the rope through the loop.

Step 2: Tie a second overhand knot. Pass the running end of the rope through it. Make sure to hold onto the side that looks like an inverted "C" as you tighten the knot. Once everything is tightened, the inverted "C" should form an "O".

Step 3: Grab the other tail end of the rope and pass it through the "O" created by your honda knot. Pull through until you've created a circle.

Step 4: Go round up some steer (or the fence post)! Swing the lariat until it catches around the neck (post) and then pull on the rope to tighten. 

Good luck cowpoke! Don't dilly dally!

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