All Aboard!

Posted: Nov 10 2016

Izzy and Ferd, Travel Town Museum

We believe that adventure can happen anywhere. You just need to have the spirit and inclination to find it.

Every month, we announce an opportunity for you and your little ones to join us as we explore our city. This month, we headed over to the Travel Town Museum to learn about trains.  

Izzy and Ferd, Travel Town Museum

Located on a 9-acre site in Griffith Park, Travel Town displays everything from a 104-ton locomotive to a one-horse shay! The kids had the opportunity to examine the trains up close and personal. The highlight of their day was the train ride.

Personally, our favorite moment was watching one of our little visitors discover her love of trains for the first time. Train! Again!

Izzy and Ferd, Travel Town Museum

Our mission at Izzy & Ferd is to encourage kids to discover their world. And if they are lucky, to discover their passions.

We hope to see you on our next adventure. All aboard!

Izzy and Ferd, Travel Town Museum

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