Books are the wings of the imagination

Posted: Jul 08 2016

At Izzy & Ferd, it's our mission to inspire kids to go out and explore their world. Books are one of the best ways to excite curiosity about everything the world has to offer. Learning to read for the first time is a huge milestone.

When I was a kid, I learned to read from the I See Sam series of books. I remember feeling so proud as I learned to sound out words and read stories all by myself.  So when it came time to teach Joseph how to read, I asked my mom if the I See Sam books were still in print.

It turns out that they are! My son's first book that he read, like mine, was I See Sam. It's a proud moment, and a bonding moment. 

Teaching a child how to read is to watch your child's imagination take flight. First you demonstrate how to flap your wings, then you help your child flap their own wings, and from there, new adventures await!

This summer, may you enjoy those flights of the imagination, wherever they take you.

P.S. Here's a link to the I See Sam series.

- Joe

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